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Electric bikes

STOP! Read this before you buy an electric bike ...

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An electric bike is not just an electric bike. Electric bike sales are booming, but you just need to take a moment to decide how you want to ride the bike.

In a few years, the sales of electric bikes have exploded. The bike and electric motor combination is still popular and there is no sign of it changing. Both the sale and rental of electric bikes are constantly breaking new records, which is probably not the last attributed to Bornholm's many hills.

Buy an electric bike that suits your needs.
Möchten Sie Ihre Simplify shopping trips, take long trips around the island or perhaps take a walk in the forest in the country? It depends on which electric bike you choose. You need to choose a model with the range that best suits your needs. And if you have to drive in the forest, this is a good idea with high performance.

Also think of insurance and spare parts.
At Boss Bikes we can advise you on insuring your electric bike. If you go for an expensive model, it is not certain that your current insurance will cover the full amount if it is stolen. And outdated models have not always been covered with spare parts for many years. Talk to us before you buy.

We are certified for sales and service
Buying an electric bike is a question of safety, as the prices are between around 10,000 kroner and upwards. At Boss Bikes we took the electric bikes with us straight away and we have certified mechanics who will keep your electric bike running for many years. Visit us and get advice and test drives where you can compare.

Electric bikes Bornholm

There is no place in the country more optimal for riding an electric bike than Bornholm as it is a somewhat unique landscape with high slopes where the auxiliary motor is very welcome, e.g. Vang Hill is 1,250 m long and has an average gradient of 7.5%. This makes it the steepest hill in Denmark with a length of over one kilometer. Bornholm is at its highest point more than 160 meters above sea level.

Brands of electric bicycle motors

  • Bosch electric bike motor
  • Promovec electric bike motor
  • Shimano electric bike motor
  • Yamaha electric bike motor
  • Trans-X electric bike motor
  • E-going electric bike motor
  • Bafang electric bike motor
  • Heinzmann electric bike motor
  • Panasonic electric bike motor
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